Monday, November 14, 2011

Time for some thought vomit . . . the tasty kind

It's time for another round of this month's favorites . . . and maybe a few un-favorites. Why? Because I wanna. Why else? Because you, dear reader, need this exposure. Trust me.

Food: I think I have a case of the MSGs. Ever since our double date to Sushi Ya with the Jonsters, Richard and I have been craving sushi like Edward craves his personalized crack (please catch this allusion). I was apprehensive by the "all you can eat" aspect of this sushi bar. If working at Whistle Wok and Classic Skating during high school taught me anything, it was to be suspicious of a) cheap Asian food, b) anything served in or around entertainment joints like Nickle City, Jack and Jill's Bowling, or DZ Discovery Zone (remember that place?), and c) all you can eat buffets in ghetto-land Provo. Bad new bears, man. However, I was first relieved and then a bit giddy to discover that Sushi Ya is more than meets the eye. Oh my sultan-of-all-that-is-sushi goodness! Approaching the building you'd suspect--based on the outward appearance--that it would be swarming with FDA coppers, but the interior is nice and the food is even nicer. Yes, nicer! (More nice? *Brain eroding*) It's kind of a fun, little mermaid "under the sea" experience. Cool exterior=big ole goldfish and snapping turtle in a fish pond that keep you happily entertained as you wait. And let's not forget the neat wall murals of the ocean and bubbles and fishies. Oh boy! It's not super posh or nothin', but it ain't ghetto neither.

Now, the food is what matters most and it does not disappoint (and even if it did, it has a strange addictive quality that makes up for anything it might lack. At this point, I'm so addicted that it doesn't even matter to me anymore. I must have those tempura rolls! I MUST!!!). Our top picks have been the Veggie Tempura (cheap for those poor days) the Happy (full of cream cheesey goodness), the Rocky Mountain (towering with tasty fishies), the Orange Julius (by far the prettiest roll I've ever seen, and last but not least--and actually the best--the Spicy Crunch roll. Heaven. Seriously. Oh, Spicy Crunch roll. I love you.

Runner-up on this month's food favorites: Settebello. Honestly, this restaurant by all accounts should have won first place in my heart/stomach, but it just doesn't use MSG like Sushi Ya does. It's like smashed up smarties competing with cocaine. I mean, dag, yo.

DISCLAIMER: I don't actually know if Sushi Ya uses MSG or not. Either way, of this thing I am absolutely positive. I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with edwa...uh, Sushi Ya.

Drink: I just wrote a novel about sushi, so I'll keep this brief. The all-too-hard-to-track-down Pear Yerba Mate Sobe is this beverage month's winner. It was all over the place this summer,
then come September it disappeared. Richard even spent a good hour and a half trying to track it down for me one night. He visited a total of four grocery stores and three gas stations without any luck. But today, a miracle of miracles happened. The glorious Pear Yerba Mate sat contently on the very well-stocked shelves of Macey's. *Fits of glee* Richard is yet again the bestest Husband ever. He don't bring home just the bacon; he brings home the Sobe. The Pear Yerba Mate is at the top of my drink list for the following reasons: 1) Low sugar + slight caffeine=pep without the jitters. 2) It tastes reeeeal good. You get the yummyness of pear without the sometime unwanted texture/peel. 3) Apparently it's a rare collectors drink now, which makes it SUPER desirable. Scarcity drives desire, right? Something like that.


Just now a baby spider strung itself down it's little sticky webby-string from my swoopy bangs. Should I be concerned? Poor little guy was probably getting high on hair spray. Now he's nothin' but spidey mash.

Moving on....

Music: Oh man. Get excited. Are you excited yet? OK, here it goes.

Live music - The band is called Honey, Honey and we saw them open for Joshua James in The State Room. A cool venue and a cool band. Well, a talented band. Let me explain. I feel like they could have been cool if they weren't trying so hard to be cool. It seemed like the lead gal was trying to pull off the tough-girl act, but honestly she probably grew up in a well-to-do neighborhood and had private violin lessons her whole life. And that's OK. She should just role with it. Nothing as awkward as someone pretending to be something their not on stage. But, bless her heart, she's in showbiz and we all know what that does to people.
At any rate, I loved their sound--a "butt country" sound, if I can quote Chris. Or to clarify, a country/rock/blue-grass group with a killer bass player and a very talented lead vocalist who also tore it up on the banjo and violin. She has inspired me to quit my life, get a band together, hit the road in a VW hippy van with Richard, and tour the snot out of the U.S. Chris didn't like her vocals, and I know he's the music authority in our family because he opened for Dashboard, beyond doing a bajillion other cool/intelligent things, but I have to disagree with him here. She had a raw Carlille meets Adele sound with a slew of soulful overtones. Now, some of their songs were just OK for me. They are, after all, just getting on their feet. I'll excuse them for that. My favorite song is featured below (and you may have heard it because it was released in 2010, but I'm just getting back into this stuff so amuse me, OK?).

(I was gonna provide the music video for you here, but my compy is slow. You'll have to do the leg work on this one. Here's the link:

Purchased Music - I know it's a little early, but A Very She and Him Christmas is worthy of year-round listening. Zooey Deschanel, first of all, is just the cutest thing that's ever hit the big screen, radio, and TV. And second of all, who didn't fall in love with her singing in Elf? Well, now you can hear her swoon the Christmas tunes all over again! Favorite moment in the album: She takes the man's part in "Baby it's cold outside" making it less-stalkerish/semi-criminal and giving me a good chuckle.
So yeah, rock on Zooey! And rock on to the Him guy, too. So sorry . . . I don't know your name, but you play guitar like a champ. I love you, promise. :)

Also neat?
<----The new Feist album, Metals. Oh Leslie, you've done it again, you wonderful thing. Check out the new goods here and be happy:

Hmm...I seem to have run out of free time. And my craving for sushi has returned in full force.
Will. Continue. Blog. Later.

But...I can't sign off until I brief this next favorite;

Favorite Husband: The winner is . . . *drumroll* . . . Richard! Although it makes me feel like an old fogy to use the word husband, he is definitely the best! Hands down. No competition. My other husbands suck. (Sorry guys.)
Richard and I have been married six months now, so we're basically experts on this marriage thing. Life with him has been awesome. I mean, have you seen his face?! He's freakin' gorgeous. Whose life wouldn't rock with a little bit of Richard thrown in the mix? I appreciate what he brings to my life. He really keeps me grounded and always manages to make me laugh. I'm forever grateful that I decided to play my guitar, panhandling for money, in front of the Kohler's grocery store back in '08 and that, for some reason, he fell in love with that. :) He's by far the best thing that's ever happened to me.

OK, that's it! Enjoy these favs for now. More updates to come. :)


Becs said...

try their Godzilla roll. It's my all time favorite of theirs.

Evelyn said... time we go, which will prolly be in just a few days, we'll give it a shot. :)

Rochelle said...

I totally fell in love with Zooey during her solo in Elf but haven't heard anything else from her. Also If it is still in business you should check out Sushi House in American Fork, all you can eat for $20 and it was always good when I went. I miss you! So glad you have a blog.